Parallels Desktop v9.0.23062.920702 Mac OS X

Parallels Desktop v9.0.23046 Mac OS X
Parallels Desktop v9.0.23062.920702 Mac OS X | 420 MB

Discover Parallels Desktop for Mac Parallels Desktop for Mac is the most tested, trusted and talked-about solution for running Windows applications on your Mac – without rebooting. Watch now! Life Simplified Whether you are a hard-core Mac enthusiast, a multi-platform pro or a first-time Mac user, the brilliant essentials of Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac — quick installation, a user-friendly interface, and the Parallels Wizard—makes moving to the Mac seamless and everyday use easier than ever. New! Cloud storage optimizations New! SkyDrive, iCloud, Photo Stream, Dropbox, Google Drive optimizations make sure you don’t inadvertently duplicate files locally, so you get the most out of your storage space. New! Real Start menu comes to Windows 8 New! Get stuff done in Windows 8 with a “real” Start menu and the ability to run Modern (Metro) apps in a separate window rather than in full screen New! Power Nap extends to Windows New! Power Nap on a Retina™ Display Mac or MacBook Air now also updates Windows and your Windows applications so that you’re always up to date Enhanced! Virtual Machine Wizard Enhanced! The New Virtual Machine wizard makes it even easier to create new virtual machines, especially if your Mac doesn’t have an optical drive
Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac works with Mountain Lion, the latest Mac OS X. From Multi-Touch gestures, Mission Control, Full Screen support, Launchpad integration and more, Parallels Desktop makes it feel like your Windows applications were made for Mac. Mountain Lion integration includes:

Full screen support for Windows applications
Use of Launchpad for Windows apps
Mission Control support
Mountain Lion as a guest OS
Mountain Lion gestures support
Retina display support for Windows
Notification Center support for Parallels Desktop and Windows alerts
Speak, don’t type – use Mountain Lion’s Dictation tool across both Windows and Mac Applications
New! Dictionary gesture works in Windows applications

Presentation Wizard The Presentation Wizard allows you to easily and beautifully show presentations from your Mac on any external monitor or projector. Open in Internet Explorer button Switch from Safari to the same page in Internet Explorer with a single click when you need to view a page that doesn’t render well. Drag & drop attachments to Outlook Simply drag & drop files from the desktop onto the Dock icon for Outlook for Windows to attach them to a new email Multi-language Keyboard Sync Keyboard language changes made on the Mac automatically sync in Windows to simplify switching languages Consolidated Notification Center Integration of Windows notifications into the Mountain Lion Notification Center makes it easy to stay updated on Windows virtual machine operations as well as alerts from Windows 8 Mail and Messenger Metro apps. Shared Bluetooth Seamlessly share Bluetooth devices between Mac and Windows just like you do with your FaceTime HD camera. Mac OS X Guest support Run OS X Lion and Mountain Lion as a guest, even in Coherence view mode Shared Trash Continuing to integrate Windows and Mac, now even your Mac Trash and Windows Recycle Bins are identical so you only have one trash can to manage. Spaces & Mission Control Integration Get a more natural full screen experience for Windows applications with enhanced support for Spaces and Mission control. Full support for Windows 8 Enjoy full support for Windows 8. Enjoy “Metro-style” apps in full screen or Coherence, a Windows ‘launchpad’ to manage your apps and full copy & paste and drag & drop integration once Windows 8 is available. Microsoft Office 2010 – the gold standard of productivity software Don’t compromise – you can run the full version of Office on your Mac. Don’t sacrifice features and programs – run Office 2010 and enjoy Mountain Lion features like Launchpad, gestures and Mission Control even in Access and One Note Application shortcuts Use the standard Mac OS X system preferences to set keyboard shortcuts.

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