The SMB Training Foundation – Professional Trader Training Course

The SMB Training Foundation - Professional Trading Course

The SMB Training Foundation – Professional Trading Course

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The SMB Foundation provides you with an edge for today’s market. The SMB Foundation is a demanding, comprehensive, and thoughtful trading course. You will develop valuable trading skills that will enable you to profit in any market, from any location, and for your entire trading career. The SMB Foundation teaches you a craft-the craft of trading.Trading Topics and Skills: The Fundamentals of TradingOne Good TradeHow to Find Stocks in PlayReading the TapeReading Charts How to Review Your TradingTrade ExecutionRisk ManagementPsychology of TradingSMB Foundation Trading Plays Develop the skills of a professional trader. Written Lectures Daily lesson plans have been prepared utilizing more than 200 written lectures so that you develop a powerful trading foundation for today’s market. We identified what must be taught for a new trader to succeed in this market. And then we started writing. We wrote about all the trading skills and trading plays that new traders must be taught to be consistently profitable. Classroom Lectures Written lectures are supplemented with Classroom Lectures. You will watch videos of our Partners (Mike Bellafiore and Steve Spencer), Head Trader (GMan), and Senior Traders (JToma and others) teaching trading skills and trading plays to our new traders. Trading Videos We have captured our real-time trades and added audio commentary to profitable intraday setups. Imagine yourself at your trading station watching a trade captured in real time with audio commentary added from a market veteran. We will explain why we bought, why we sold, and most importantly what we were thinking. SMB Real Time Listen to SMB Capital trade daily. SMB traders share valuable trading information via our Live Audio Feed. Multiple trading rooms are run simultaneously by the traders on our desk. Listen to the Partners trade the market Open and Close. Or move to another call and listen to SMB Traders trade In Play stocks. Trading Drills SMB developed Trading Drills and Quizzes for our proprietary traders in NYC. There is a reason why professional teams scrimmage. Like a professional athlete, traders must practice under game-like conditions. You cannot just read some trading materials and then jump into the trading arena. You must drill on the trading skills necessary to compete in today’s market. Quizzes SMB Quizzes reinforce what we teach. The SMB Foundation is a large and comprehensive training program, and we have designed the course so traders do not get lost in the material or miss the nuances of the lessons being taught. We use quizzes to summarize and focus on the most important points throughout the program. Mentoring The Partners and senior traders at SMB are experienced mentors, who have created a comprehensive system to develop fundamentally sound traders. While learning SMB trading skills, senior traders are accessible daily through the SMB Chat Room and the SMB Audio. One-on-one mentoring is added to guide traders through the process of building trading plays and review simulated trading. SMB Trading Tools SMB offers our SMB Trading Tools to assist new and experienced traders. SMB Stocks In Play, SMB Scanner and SMB Radar ensures that traders are in the best stocks. Learn how we work as a team to make money individually.